Quality Assurance

Our Quality

The most important factor that determines the quality of a piece of jewellery is the raw material from which it is made. At Diosa, we work only with Sterling silver (92.5%) created by mixing it with specially imported Italian anti tarnish alloy which we purchase from government approved authorized dealers only

Other raw materials used for Diosa’s jewellery collections include Gem Quality Semi Precious Stones and only Swarovski Zirconia, which makes our jewellery unique, and it comes with a free, 2-year warranty for any kind of minor repairs if required. We also offer 70% lifetime exchange, jf the jewelry piece(s) and stones are intact, the piece may be exchanged for any other item of the value of up to 70% of the price of the jewelry at the time of your purchase.

Our Promise

Our promise to the clients in the Diosa family is of the most important quality that is the corner stone of every relationship – Trust. Trust in us for the finest quality of raw materials used. Trust in us for the finest quality of jewelry offered. Trust in us for a longterm relationship and a fabulous journey we began when you became a part of the Diosa family.

On the production side we have a large family of artisans and managers who check the entire working processes from procurement of raw material, manufacturing till the pieces are finished and ready for adornment.

Our intricately designed jewellery is quality inspected on following parameters by our team of quality controllers:

Scratch-free surface

Finishing and polishing stone setting

Durability of clips & claws of metals

Despite this thorough testing, we realize that occasional wear and tear may occur, and we are happy to repair any piece of jewellery that does not meet customer expectations. If a client brings in a jewellery item for repair, we do two things. First, and most obvious: we fix the item or exchange it, to ensure that the customer is happy. Second, and no less important: we document the problem and try to understand how it was caused, and how we can prevent it from happening again read more.